VIDEO: Announcing [md vault]

Promo for the new [md vault].

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GRAY TEAM Directors commentary


So I think I’m opening the [md vault] for some GRAY TEAM directors commentary re:release. Same episode, but with my insight on everything behind the scenes.

Besides, I’ve been spending my spare time looking over auditions and working with casting LEGENDS OF VURLES. I don’t want to rush the project with incorrect casting and have to do a remake of the pilot episode after the second episode comes out. That was a GRAY TEAM backstory reference.


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LEGENDS OF VURLES: pilot casting


The LoV casting page is now up on

Go look.

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A World of False Promises

A year and a half ago I tried to make my comeback. I wanted to produce a new Halo machinima and get back into the community. Back to blogging, back to being active and networking; back to story telling. The other day, I was creating a few custom characters on SOUL CALIBUR 5 with my roommates. As I did. I started coming up with my own little stories between the characters. After some thinking, I decided to try creating a video game styled machinima using the SC5 engine. Thus, LEGENDS OF VURLES was created. Using a lot of photoshopping, and some creative thinking, I have come up with a structure of telling stories using a new medium. The machinima flows using character cut outs, voice acting, and sound to tell the story. The only real animation happens when two characters battle. When that happens, I record the cinematics using SC5 to recreate the battles. Cutting between attacks to voice acting cutscenes, I can progress the story as well as give the characters a unique personality that I have not been able to do in the past.

HALO has and always will be an amazing machinima making platform. I have enjoyed my run using it to tell stories, but now I want to try something new. I’m hoping to actually tell this story, rather than create a massive tale and never get to finish it. Much like what happened with my GRAY TEAM series. The first season of LofV has already been outlined, and the first episode is almost complete as far as pre-production goes. When I was coming up with Toxin, I had a solid storyline, but no real way to go about executing what was demanded of the script. This new engine and machinima style will be much easier for me to create a story around. Here is an actual screenshot from the first episode. (NOTE: some style changes may be made before the actual release.)

In this screenshot, you see the three main characters: Zatch, Marla, and Leon. The visuals look very similar to that of a chat based system on an RPG game. Characters go “dark” when they arent speaking, and character avatars switch out when they leave or enter. The written script will also be displayed on screen. Above the characters, you can see the location and time of day of the events. In the background, a picture of the location is also shown. It really is almost like watching someone play a game.

Well that’s all I have to share for you now. Keep checking back for updates.
Atomic (Jason Broussard)

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Contentttttt :D

Hello All,

So I’ve submitted a Gameplay/Commentary video to’s Respawn page on youtube. It is footage of me playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe’s storyline as well as adding commentary to the gameplay and other elements of it. I have hit a roadblock in my writing for TOXIN but I am working to overcome it. It is a complicated story and one that I want to make sure is told right. I don’t want to rush production of something that I feel has a lot of potential. Just keep your eyes peeled my little ones. I will create little side projects and stuff as I can. Feel free to leave comments and what not.

Have a great day,
Atomic (Jason Broussard)

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Slitting the Internet’s Metaphorical Throat

Hello all,

I’m going to do it. The mass amount of “piss-me-off”ness that my internet is bringing me is causing me to contemplate horrible things. YouTube is not loading at all and it’s really frustrating me. Luckily, I’ve had time to sit down and think about some things for the TOXIN series. I even did a little mock-up of the news cast that’s in the series.

Arsin News ScreenshotI’m VERY excited about getting into this project. I still have  along way to go with the script, and then I need to do some voice-over tests to see who I want to play what character. But really, it’s probably going to be my favorite Machinima series. I just need to make sure the proper work is put into it. I don’t want to rush into things and give a mediocre pilot episode, but I don’t want it to take four months either. I should be getting some free time soon. If my internet just refuses to load YouTube, I’ll upload things on my friends computer. SO FEAR NOT!

Anyways, if you read the blog, leave comments and what-not. I’m positive no one reads it right now due to it just being back and no content has been released. But if you do read it, leave a shout-out or something.

Peace out,
~JBjr (Atomic)

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VIDEO: Mindless Distortion – 2011 Logo

Hello All,

This is the new Video Logo that will play before all of our new videos. It’s pretty simple. It is composed of the addresses to [md]’s multiple social networking accounts. Check it out:


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