Blog Banter #10: You could be doubling alone

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This Edition of the Blog Banter’s Topic is

Gaming with your significant other

When it comes to video games, there is an endless amount of enjoyment that can be had. People that play games tend to create a bond with the characters and spend hours and hours of their days to help the game character reach his or her final moments of the game. But what is to say that you can’t create those bonds with the person you love?

Playing video games with your significant other can be a great thing. You can spend time creating a bond with each other through ways you may not have thought normally. It could totally make a girls day if you use all of your needler bullets to stop the oncoming elite from the mancannon. She might thank you in more ways than one. While you may have those touching moments where you gladly swap your rockets for her magnum, there may be times where you find that you two have conflicting views on things. While you may think that the grunts are ugly little beasts, the one you love may feel that your a jerk and that they are just misunderstood. This could cause you to be spending the next few nights playing doubles with some stranger.

It may be hard to get your significant other into video games. They may not like playing the same types of games as you. That’s why you two should agree to play each others game. You might want to play Gears while she wants to play Animal Crossing, but it’s not the game that matters. It’s the fact that you two are enjoying the time you spend with each other. So give it a shot. Ask your lover to play a game or two with you. What do you have to lose?

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15 Responses to Blog Banter #10: You could be doubling alone

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  3. Mizzy says:

    Nice post. I agree, I gave in to playing GoW simply because my fiance wanted another co-op game to try out. Little did I realize I was going to hate Cole so much. =/

  4. bs angel says:

    If favorite genres between the two are different, it may be a fun way to expand your gaming horizons as well. Maybe trying a game you wouldn’t have otherwise spent any time with will open up a whole new undiscovered world!

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  9. Mike says:

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  11. CdawgOwnd says:

    Yes, its only fair that if I decision can’t be made, then you have to try something completely new. That way, neither of you have played it and if someone doesn’t like then o-well no big deal.

  12. It’s usually my boyfriend that gets me into each game I play. All I need is a suggestion from him and I’m on it!

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